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DREAM INTERPRETATION: Find ways to uphold your spirituality and commitment to yourself [symbols: partner, loft, bed, waterfall, fish]

In our weekly Mindful Dreams column, Aneta Baranek of the School of Metaphysics is offering free dream interpretations to The Mindful Word readers, as well as articles on dreams in general.

If you’ve ever been curious about deciphering the cryptic contents of your subconscious mind, here’s your chance! If you would like Aneta to interpret your dream, fill out this form. She will respond with your dream interpretation through this column, published every Thursday. Aneta would love to receive more comments for the dreams interpreted. If you can relate to a dream posted here or have any insights to add, you can post them as comments to the interpretation, or email her at aneta@themindfulword.org.



I dreamed my longtime partner and I had rented a huge loft apartment. Our bed was against the wall farthest from the door. In the middle of the apartment was a cascading waterfall emptying into a fish pond. The outer door was made of glass.

We didn’t realize when we signed the lease agreement that the apartment could be rented at any time for functions, like weddings. We woke up one morning and saw caterers setting up our room for a wedding while we were still in bed. There were a pulpit and chairs, along with people at the glass doors waiting to come in.

Someone was cleaning the fish pond and there were miniature swordfish flopping around on the floor.

I woke up.

DREAMER: Male, 69, U.S.


Longtime partner — committed aspects of the dreamer

Loft apartment — place in dreamer’s mind/consciousness

Bed — place for assimilation

Waterfall — conscious life experience

Fish — spiritual knowledge

Door — access point to a different place in dreamer’s consciousness


Hello Michael,

Thank you for submitting your dream.

Here is the message that your dream conveys: You’re in a temporary (rented) and expansive (huge) place in your mind with a committed aspect of yourself (longtime partner). You’re in the process of assimilation (being in bed). The waterfall signifies conscious life experience that you’re aware of, which feeds your spiritual knowledge (fish in the pond).


The glass door signifies an access point to a different place within your—the dreamer’s—consciousness.

You not realizing that the loft can be rented for big functions speaks to this temporary and expansive place in your mind being overtaken, without notice, by large groups of unknown aspects.


Your dream speaks to you having access to a place in your consciousness that’s very committed and expansive, and that nurtures your spiritual knowledge and awareness. However, that place seems to be temporary and can be overcome by large groups of unknown parts of yourself. Those large groups of unknown aspects are related to your mental attitudes. Are there thoughts that stir you away from being committed to and focused on your spiritual evolution?

If it were my dream, I’d look into ways in which I could make that symbolic “huge loft apartment” a more permanent place in my consciousness. I’d call upon ways in which I uphold my spirituality, my commitment to myself.

I’d strive to establish a daily routine that would aid me in nurturing my higher consciousness and inner world. Such a routine might involve meditation, prayer or journaling; in other words, any activity that puts you in touch with your Higher Self.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

image by Sarvodaya Shramadana via Flickr 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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