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An Inner Letter to U.S. President Donald Trump


How this letter came to be

“Never throw anyone out of your being,” someone wise once said. I’m still trying not to throw the U.S. President out of mine, even as I attempt to resist and support resistance against much of what he’s trying to do.

Besides the communications in my earlier piece, “Getting in Touch With My Inner Trump,” I also wrote this “inner letter” to the President, shortly after his inauguration.

I often write inner letters to my Higher Power or to a person with whom I have a conflict or a strong projection. It’s true that I’m writing to that being as I imagine him, her or it. However, that’s really much the same as the way we deal with “others” in life itself. And I’ve had dramatic experiences of such inner communications seeming to actually get through. Everything is inside us, after all.

The inner letter is another form of the Jungian active imagination technique that resulted in the dialogue and stage-monologue in the previous article. This piece is less an imaginative exploration of Mr. Trump’s personality and thinking than it is a sincere and deep attempt to communicate with “him” about bottom-line values. These involve the concept of character, as well as my understanding of the law of karma and the dynamics of reincarnation.

Dear Donald—OK, President Trump,

At bottom, you and I, along with everyone else in Creation—including, really, the pre-human forms, though that’s sort of another story—are just souls. Our soul-ness is the great leveller, the great “democratizer.”

Beyond that, the Wise say life can be a bit like a see-saw. Someone may appear “up” in one lifetime. However, if his or her actions don’t revere the sacredness, the divinity of all beings, then that soul will be “down” in the next lifetime or so.

That soul will have engendered karma through angry, greedy or otherwise selfish actions. This karma will come back and pull him or her down. Then this being will be able to experience concretely the effects of his or her own hurtful actions, because these things will now be happening to him or her! For example, a KKK member in the American South may be reborn as a poor African-American in the same region and learn firsthand how cruel the suffering that KKK members inflict actually is.

Suffering thus becomes the cure for perversions of the spirit.  As I understand it, this simple principle governs things up to the point at which we come to see that there really is “only One.”

So, Donald, it behooves me to have compassion towards you, as well as towards those whom your insensitive and pain-inducing edicts harm. For by inflicting pain on the vulnerable, you ensure that you’ll be born vulnerable someday, in order to learn what you don’t seem to know—that, in Jesus’s words, “What you do to the least of My little ones, you do unto Me.”

It’s not “us” against “them”

Donald, the world is not “Us” against “Them.” It’s not America first, with Muslims, Mexicans, refugees, women and Iranians as Others to be made into scapegoats! To do that to them is merely to project the dark (Shadow) side of your own personality onto them.

Postcard sent to Donald Trump - An inner letter to Donald Trump

A postcard sent by the author, to Donald Trump, as part of a nationwide action on the Ides of March

Similarly, Donald, I and many millions of others are trying to resist your administration and stop its cruel edicts, because we see them—your power, as you’re now trying to use it—as counterproductive to the “Everyone First” attitude that alone enables humanity to progress. The only real progress is progress towards universal kindness; universal access to food, shelter and medical care; and the recognition that One Soul resides in all beings.

Front of postcard sent to Donald Trump - An inner letter to Donald Trump

The front of the postcard above, featuring a painting by the author that represents the idea of all being One

But we can’t afford to scapegoat or demonize you, either! To call you or Steve Bannon on your actions and point out that they’re counterproductive is an appropriate action. If we’re wise, though, we won’t throw  you out of our being! You, like us, are a divine soul. You, like us, are rooted in the Self, the soul or spirit from which all embodied beings emanate—and in which they remain, no matter what they do! You, like me, are a child of God!

Mature decisions are grounded in the common good

We human beings have both an underlying Self and an ego, which develops during childhood. If that ego receives the emotional and physical nutrition it needs at every stage, then it eventually takes its place in the world as an adult able to make mature decisions.

Mature decisions are grounded in the common good—not my ego’s inflation or dominance of other egos, but that which motivates and supports the spirit, the soul-being of all. A mature leader of a wealthy country can do a great deal to further kindness, compassion, care for the vulnerable, the meeting of the needs of all and the maintenance of a safe environment.

Actions to defend a nation or group from another that is preying on them may also be appropriate at times. However, the decision to take such actions must be the product of a clear mind, instead of being based on the biased projections of a mind that’s heated up.

Actions with the aim of amassing wealth, power or prestige in comparison with other beings or nations, with the motive of pumping up “I, me, my and mine” at the expense of everyone and everything else, all for the sake of ego-gratification or competition, are selfish and immature.

We’re all at “the only dance in town”

And so, Donald, we’re all on the same playing field, in the same game. A friend of mine once called it, “the only dance in town.”

And you, as well as the rest of us, are needed to do all you can for Us—”the One with infinite attributes“—the One residing in every heart“—the only One there is.

My prayers go out to you, in hopes that you’ll take up the cause of True Love—and that I will, as well, more and more and more.

In Love,


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image 1: Fibonacci Blue via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons BY / Cropped from original); images 2-3: Max Reif

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