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Woman Disgusted After Biting Into Raw Burger At Popular Fast Food Chain

Does the McDonald’s slogan “I’m Loving It” refer to raw, uncooked burger meat?

For one Australian woman, this was the sick irony hidden beneath the bun of her Quarter Pounder.

After ordering food for herself and her family, she took a bite but suddenly realized something tasted wrong.

Pulling apart the burger, she quickly realized the problem: the meat was completely raw—uncooked and pink:

“I took all the burgers back and the manager came racing around the corner and shook my hand and said she’d speak to the staff members,” said the customer.

Although her original burgers were replaced with chicken burgers, she was not given a refund.

Disgusting and unable to consume the chicken burgers, she requested to speak with a higher-up.

Eventually, she got in contact with a McDonald’s representative, but the spokesperson, who she described as having a “carefree attitude”, simply wrote her off with formal policy-speach, saying that burger meat only had to be inspected once in a 24-hour period.

“I said I wasn’t happy with the response and that I’d be taking it to the health and safety food inspectors and she just said ‘do what you’ve got to do.’”

Given her traumatic experience, the woman no longer plans to eat at the popular fast food chain ever again.

A McDonald’s spokesperson provided a statement on the matter, saying, “The restaurant confirmed the issue was isolated and did not affect any other products. We have also reinforced cooking procedures with this restaurant.”

Just last week, we reported on a disgruntled McDonald’s employee who posted photos to Twitter of a filthy kitchen—full of grime and dirty operating equipment:


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