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8-Year-Old Girl Left An Orphan After Her ENTIRE Family Dies From Strange Potato Accident

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An 8 year-old Russian girl from Laishevo, Kazan was tragically turned into an orphan after her ENTIRE family bizarrely died when they inhaled toxic/poisonous fumes from rotten potatoes that were stored in the family cellar for winter.

The devastated girl, Maria Chelysheva, was sadly said to be “inconsolable” after she lost her father, mother, brother and grandmother “within minutes of each other going down into the cellar at the family home”, each one unknowingly following the other to their deaths.

Police confirmed their deaths were caused by exposure to the deadly gas from rotting potatoes.

Maria was eventually taken into the care of distant relatives.

Her father was said to be the first victim of the toxic fumes, Mikhail Chelyshev, a 42 year-old respected law professor. He walked in to the cellar unaware the potatoes had become “seriously rotten”.

Police say he “fainted from the noxious fumes, and soon afterwards died.”

Maria’s mother, Anastasia (38), went into the cellar to look for Mikhail after becoming concerned when he didn’t  re-appear—she then became the second victim to the gas.

When Anastasia didn’t return, 18 year-old Gregory (the brother) was next to enter the cellar and also died from inhaling the fumes.

When no one returned, the worried 68-year-old grandmother Iraida, was said to have called a neighbor for help, but before anyone arrived to assist she, too, entered the cellar and suffered the same tragic fate as the others—though when she went in she left the door open behind her “allowing the fumes to disperse.”

Thus, 8 year-old Maria was able to enter unaffected, but unfortunately “the poor girl found the bodies of the deceased.”

A local investigator confirmed: “They all died of gas poisoning which has accumulated in the basement as a result of badly rotting potatoes.”

The Daily Mail reports, “A memorial service for Professor Chelyshev was held in the marble hall of  Kazan Federal University, where he was head of the department of civil and business law.”

Maria’s family relatives and close friends are said to be appealing for financial support to help the girl.


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