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Trump’s Bizarre, Newly-Revealed Food Habit Could Send Him To An Early Grave

Although dwelling on what President Trump drinks in a day may seem trivial, his newly-revealed dietary habit could help spread awareness about the dangers of aspartame and diet sodas.

Indeed, as The New York Times reported over the weekend, the Commander-In-Chief has a thing for…Diet Coke—12 CANS WORTH OF THEM EVERYDAY!

“Watching cable, he shares thoughts with anyone in the room,” wrote the paper, “even the household staff he summons via a button for lunch or for one of the dozen Diet Cokes he consumes each day.

It’s not much of a surprise for a man who’s regularly shared photos of himself indulging in a variety of foods:

However, the topic of Presidents’ health has always been of interest to the general public for the obvious reasons, but what may not be clear to the average person is the scientific evidence suggesting that Diet Coke may not only fail in helping us overcome sugar cravings, but may even lead to serious medical conditions ranging from type 2 diabetes to dementia.

One of the most damning claims about the diet beverage is that it can actually increase appetite, causing us to ingest more fattening foods.

“You get this very sweet taste; your body says ‘I’m about to get sugar; I’m about to get energy,’ but those never arrive,” says Professor Susan Swithers of Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences.

It all comes down to aspartame—the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke that’s supposed to stimulate a response in the body similar to what sugar causes.

As reported by CNN:

“The result is, your body learns sweet taste is no longer a good signal, so instead of producing normal responses immediately, it delays.

“This becomes problematic when you eat actual sugar, because your blood sugar rises a little higher than it normally would, and as a result, you may eat more than usual.”

Blood clots have also been linked to the excess consumption of artificially sweetened soda, where individuals who reported drinking one can or more each day had a three times increased risk of strokes caused by the clots, compared to those who did not consume them.

Even dementia was found to have a three times increased link compared to those who chose other drinks.

Diet soda was also found to increase abdominal obesity which can increase one’s risk of heart disease.

And putting aside the real health consequences, cosmetically, you could find yourself with a deteriorating smile as sodas—both diet and non-diet—have been shown to dissolve tooth enamel.

“I still think it’s a better choice than sugary sodas,” says nutritionist and CNN contributor Lisa Drayer, “If he drank regular soda, he would be adding an additional 1,680 calories and a whopping 468 grams of sugar just from this beverage alone!”

“If he can’t cut out his soft drinks entirely, I would recommend that he replace at least half of his diet sodas with water. And if plain water seems boring, he can always add fruit slices to water or opt for seltzer.”

Sources: CNN [1,2The New York Times Wiley NCBI UMICH

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