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Archangel Sachiel ~ Angel of Wealth, Water, Success & Prosperity

Archangel Sachiel

Who is the Angel Sachiel?

Archangel Sachiel is an archangel whose presence has mostly been hidden from view up until now, and so there’s not much information about him out there…

But Archangel Sachael (alternate spelling) is now stepping forward in a big way to support humanity.

Sachiel is an archangel of water, wealth, success, prosperity, harvest, and material gain.

Sounds great right!?

And it is…

Invoking the presence of Archangel Sachiel really is amazing.

Archangel Sachiel - Oracle of the Angels

Archangel Sachiel – Oracle of the Angels Card Deck 

A friend of mine introduced me to Archangel Sachiel recently as being as an Archangel of Wealth, and as soon as I spoke his name…

“Sachiel” … (SAH-CHEE-EL)

I felt the clear, pure, bright power and expansive presence of Archangel Sachiel right there, standing by to assist all who call upon him in tuning into the higher octaves of abundance, wealth and light.

Sachiel’s energy is big, bright, soothing and incredibly uplifting. His bright loving presence brings hope, inspires health, cuts through negative emotional energy, depression and despair by reconnecting you with the true authenticity of your soul light and purpose.

Sachiel supports with expansion and growth in all ways, helping those who call upon him to sync with the flow abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

Abundance of course is not only about money, and while this is definitely within the scope of what Sachiel oversees…

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He inspires true abundance on Earth, bringing beauty, life-force and co-creation to the forefront of awareness on the planet supporting the vibrant life and well-being of all beings on Earth and as such he is closely connected to the animals, plants, flowers, fruits, insects, oceans, skies, rivers, and wild places and well as cities.

I personally feel Sachiel is coming more into our awareness now that humanity is evolving beyond valuing money, profit and power in a higher regard than things like harmony, community, peace, and positive co-creation with all beings.

He is however a wonderful angel to call upon for assistance in finding your place in the world, and aligning with how you may be of service in the highest interest of all. This alignment fully opens you to the flow of abundance, success and fulfillment in the material world, and Sachiel can help boost your intuition, raise and lighten your energy from within, and accelerate your process of aligning with your highest possible timeline.

In this sense Archangel Sachiel is certainly an Archangel of Success in the deepest and richest sense of the world.

Because of his watery quality of energy, his presence is really soothing… Connecting with Sachael felt to me somewhat like getting cleansed energetically and physically by a vibrant waterfall of love.

Invoke Archangel Sachiel

Archangel Sachiel GemstonesTo make the connection with Archangel Sachiel…

Breathe and direct your awareness upon your heart center. Tune into the brilliant light you already carry within, and then through your open heart think or even better, say:

“Archangel Sachiel, please come in and connect with me now.”

Pronunciation: SAH-CHEE-EL.

As you speak these words feel your heart light expand and light up, as Sachiel steps forward to connect with you.

Do your best to quiet your mind, and just feel, experience, and enjoy connecting with the incredible light and radiant love of Archangel Sachiel.

It is said that Sachiel oversees Thursday, and so he is even more active and easily felt on this day of the week… A great time to invoke his presence and call forth greater levels of abundance, flow, and true wealth into your life!

Gemstones to support your connection with Archangel Sachael include: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and blue or purple Sapphire.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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