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4 Brilliant Ways to Stay Awake During Meditation!


Meditation and listening to Channeled Angel Messages has so many benefits!

However, are you finding that when you start to listen to the angel messages, and channeled meditations on this site you’re drifting off to sleep?

Dont worry! This is completely normal, and it’s actually something many people experience!

There are a few reasons why this may be happening, as well as things you can do to increase your energy to stay more conscious and present throughout the sessions.

But the good news is, even if you fall asleep, you’re still gaining benefit from listening to the angel messages!

The Dali Lama actually said that “sleep is the best meditation!”

And while there is a clear difference between sleeping and meditation… Both have incredible healing, and restorative properties!

Sleeping Through Angel Messages? There Are Still Benefits!

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You still get benefits from listening to channeled angel messages, even if you do drift into sleep…

Here’s why!

Often times the angels want to work on your subconscious (sleeping) mind which is a delta brainwave state and is one of the deepest levels of meditation and the slowest brain wave state that we experience while sleeping.

There’s also a chance you’re not fully sleeping during the channeled meditations, and rather you’re just getting to a really deep theta brainwave and then deep delta brainwave state meditation… A healing trance like state from being in deep Theta/ Delta brainwaves.

The Delta and deep Theta brainwave states are great for receiving healing and integrating spiritual frequency.

There are of course some of the channeled angel messages which will allow you to have beautiful and powerful spiritual experiences meeting your guides, and lifting into the realms of spirit which is so amazing to consciously experience.

Staying conscious and awake will also help to integrate much of your spiritual gifts into the conscious state.

How to Stay Awake During Angel Messages and Meditation! 

Here are some tips for staying conscious, and not slipping into the trance/ sleep state while listening to the angel sessions! 🙂

1. Meditate On An Empty Stomach

You’re more likely to fall asleep when meditating on a full stomach because your energy will be used for digestion, making less available to stay conscious during meditation. Waiting a couple of hours after a meal may help you to remain alert throughout your channeled angel session.

2. Sit In An Upright Posture

When you lay down or recline to meditate there is an association with the sleep state, which may make it more likely for you to fall asleep.

Try sitting up straight in a chair, or on the floor cross legged for some of the “Meet your guides” meditations, and other sessions.

3. Repeat each word that is spoken aloud or just in your mind.

I listen to a lot of channeling and find myself drifting off sometimes too. One thing that helps me to stay alert is to repeat the spoken words in my mind. This is almost like using a mantra with meditation and helps to retain consciousness and remember more of the teaching while also reaching an incredibly high vibration.

Repeat the spoken words mentally while maintaining inner awareness and listening for additional inner guidance.

4. Pay Attention to Where and When You Meditate

Where and when you meditate can play a huge role in your experience. If you meditate late at night, when you’re already sleepy, or laying down in bed, your consciousness naturally associates the relaxation experience with heading off to sleep. Another thing you may want to try is getting your energy up before meditating by talking a brisk walk and getting some fresh air before you start.

Also, choosing a special chair to meditate in can help you to stay conscious as there is a energy of mindfulness and presence which will be build up, versus the energy of sleep in bed.

Meditating sitting up outside in nature is another good way to retain more conscious and awake!

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Let it be okay!

The good news is… There’s no “right or wrong” here…

And honestly listening to a channeled meditation is one of my preferred ways to relax in bed and drift off to sleep, so it depends on your goals, and the purpose of the guided meditation.

If you do really want to stay awake during a meditation, and you use the above methods and still fall asleep, let it be okay!

Trust that the angels are helping to bring you exactly what you most need, which in our busy and chaotic world is oftentimes a good healing sleep!


With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler





PS. Have you tried any of these methods? Did I miss anything? What helps you to stay awake during meditation and listening to channeled angel messages?

I love hearing from you… Leave a comment below and let me know!

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