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Ask the Angels: What Is My Soul Purpose?

Soul Purpose

Channeled by Melanie Beckler 

“Am I on the right path towards my soul purpose on earth?” – Jens

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Dear one, of course you are on your right path. Understand that the right path is being alive on earth, is being present in the physical, is learning, is opening your heart, is being present in the moment and advancing step by step in the direction of an increased connection with authentic truth and an increased connection with your highest soul light.

Anchoring soul light into your physical body is a hugely important facet of your purpose.

Your question of course, speaks to more specifics of your life. And in this regard too, Jens, you are on track. But keep in mind and take note: Your highest purpose is embodying divine presence in the moment and letting Divine love and light shine from within you always.

And so, at this time, tune in to your heart and let yourself tune in to the part of you that feels you’re not on the right track, to the part of you that feels lost and confused and disorganized. Tune into this now – opening your heart.

And I ask you, “Could you just be present with this part of you now?”

Letting this part of you show up… Whether it is being sad, being alone, being confused, doubting or even being afraid.

Just be present with this part of you – letting it be okay that you don’t know if you’re on the right path, letting it be okay that you’re doubting, letting it be okay that this part of you exists.

Love this part of you in whatever state you may be. And as you do, let your heart open and tune in to light therein.

Tune in to the presence of Source, God within your open heart – letting Divine light shine throughout your body, letting the light of Creative Source shine throughout your life.

Let the light of the Universe shine throughout your relationships, through your entire path, through every aspect of your life purpose which is unfolding in each and every moment.

Your life purpose is not one specific thing. It’s unfolding in every moment, every encounter, every relationship, every action, every thought and every response.

Let the light of the Divine shine throughout this realm of everything – elevating the vibration of your experience and planting the seeds of Divine presence that will most serve you in knowing your next steps, in feeling joyful and blissful, of living in alignment with love and continuing further on the path of your highest purpose that you are on now and that you can continue on with certainty in your heart knowing that God and the angels and the entire Universe are guiding you in every moment.

Pay attention, trust and take your next step.

Thank you.

The next question is on a similar track. It’s from Andrea who writes…

“I feel I have a lot of gifts that I could share with others on a larger scale. However, I feel no matter what I do, I cannot unlock them. Is there something I’m missing? I really want to start helping others, but seemed blocked. Thank you.”

Here’s the angels answer:

Keep in mind, that the greatest gift you are able to give is your presence. It is Divine presence brightly shining from within you.

Dear one, its okay that you feel you should be doing more, it’s okay that you feel there is more. But understand that in this moment, you have access to all you need to make the biggest difference in the lives of all – for in every moment, there is a vast ripple of divine love and energy that’s flowing out from beyond you, a divine ripple of high vibrational frequency that comes about from your simple presence, that comes about from your vibrational energy signature, that is the combination of your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your ideas and your actions.

And all of these are coming into a deeper resonance with the presence of God, with the presence of the Divine, with the guidance of the angels, that is in alignment with this Divine Will.

Return to presence in the moment, return to the exercise of allowing whatever is coming up within you, to be okay, letting whatever doubt emerges be okay, being there with every aspect of yourself, knowing that what comes up in you is what you are meant to love in the moment. When you do this, practice this and return to this you shift your energy, so that you are loving yourself fully and completely.

And this immense self-love is the most sturdy and stable foundation you can create to launch the outward manifestation of your life’s work, which as you already know and as your heart is drawn to take action towards, is serving and helping others.

Now, the specifics of this for you will continue to unfold, for know that the level at which you’re serving and helping others is being upgraded.

As you return to presence – opening your heart, you’re letting Divine light shine from within you.

The light of the Divine is then able to begin filling your body, filling your aura, filling your mind, your emotions, your light body, your spirit, the room you’re in, the home you’re in, the country you’re in… And soon the entire planet begins shining with much more light from your simple choice to return to being present with the immense power of love.

This is light work.

This is a huge part of your purpose.

And from this perspective, the specific actions to take, the spiritual teaching you are bringing through, the healing, the counseling, the advice, the guidance will effortlessly unfold in the moment in response to a question, in response to a situation as needed.

And so, open your heart, tune in to the God light within and let the brilliance of your Divine presence shine through.

This is your work that feels like play.

This is your joyful, fulfilling purpose that empowers you, that serves others and that creates this vast ripple of positive energy and love throughout all.

 Thank you.

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~ The highest, best, most loving possible Guides and Angels of the light who can most serve according to Divine will, as channeled by Melanie Beckler

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