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Vegan Thanksgiving! Recipe Roundup for a Cruelty Free Thanksgiving

Really there are so many reasons to skip Turkey… Including the simple fact that over 40 million turkeys are killed in the short weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. 

Turkeys are incredible birds… And whether you choose to eat them or not, I think we can all agree a mass slaughter is way out of balance, and quite frankly a strange way to celebrate all we have to be grateful for. 

Plus… If you really look into it, those 40 million turkeys are largely raised in atrocious conditions, and in a way that is very inhumane. 

The good news is, we all get to vote with where we spend our dollars… So for me, that means saying no to Turkey (and animal products in general) and choosing a menu comprised of organic fruits and vegetables instead. And the amazing thing, is that a plant based feast will much healthier and higher in vibration too

On that note… …

Here’s some inspiration for a Cruelty-Free and No-Turkey, Plant-Based Thanksgiving Feast!

Whether you choose to have an entirely plant-based menu, or want to try mixing in a couple of new plant based recipes this year… This is a great place to begin! 

There are many wonderful options when it comes to Vegan appetizers, as many appetizers are naturally plant based! You could keep it simple with a veggie tray and hummus, a pickle and olive plate (my favorite), and some mixed nuts and vegan crackers… Or try out some of these amazing recipes: 


The biggest question you might have when it comes to planning a Turkey free Thanksgiving is what to make for the main course.

If you want to try something Turkey-like, there are actually some pretty good options out there now for Meatless Roasted Turkey

Or, you could do what I’m planning to do, which is making one of these plant-based alternatives instead! So good you won’t miss the meat! 

Yes… Bring on the all Vegan sides! For me, the side dishes are really what makes a Thanksgiving feast shine. And the great thing is there are so many amazing and all vegan side dishes to choose from!

Whether you’re looking for a vegan twist on an old family favorite, or something new, fresh and healthy to mix in… Take a look at some of the amazing looking Thanksgiving side dishes I rounded up here:

What’s Thanksgiving without desert!? While vegan pumpkin pie is Thanksgiving essential for me… I’m really excited to try out some raw vegan dessert options this year too for a healthy, beautiful and delicious ending to a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! 

However you choose to celebrate this Thanksgiving…

May you be blessed with joy, health, happiness and abundance!

With love and blessings, 

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