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3 Short Poems by George Payne, Including “Do Not Google It”


Death Is Taking Off a Tight Shoe

Watching old
YouTube videos,

I once heard
Ram Dass say
—over coffee
in a Prague
that death is
like taking off
a tight shoe.

The trick is to
stay halfway
between the
archaic and

to leave only
energy behind.

The Holy Muscles

The holy muscles ache
for words that science
cannot erase. The feeling
of frost on a leaf-littered
boulder. The smell of goose
berries and decomposition,
those tranquil waters so easy
to sleep by. Like a heart-shaped
sapphire, the holy muscles ache
for words that science cannot erase.

Do Not Google It

Just sit by it. Like an old
man about to take a nap.
Accept its scars slumbering
over silky nets of sword ferns.

But do not Google it. It goes
where the rainbows ravish
away and babies smile at the
ambiguity of it all. When light
falls on them you will know.

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image: George Payne

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